Dead Broke Farm

Christmas Special  (Redeemable AFTER Christmas)

Get $20 off a trail ride or $10 off a pony ride purchased now through Christmas Eve for use after Christmas Day. Buy some for your friends and family or treat yourself. They make great stocking stuffers or mailers since there are no shipping charges associated with them; we can mail them to you or directly to the recipient. You'll receive a nice horse Chrismas card for gift giving, a color brochure, and the gift certificate. And the best part is, they never expire. Remember that they can't be used until after Christmas Day.

The Christmas Offer

  • 1-Hour Trail Ride = $40/person (normally $60/person)
  • 2-Hour Trail Ride = $80/person (normally $100/person)
  • 30-min Pony Ride = $30/person (normally $40/person)

How Do You Get Them?

What We'll Need From You

  • What type gift certificate you'd like to purchase
  • How many you want to buy
  • Name and address to which you want us to mail them (to you or to the recipient)
  • Payment for the gift certificates


Notice: Cash Payments Only!

We no longer accept credit card payments at our farm except for camp. You may use a credit card to secure your reservation with a deposit, but no credit cards or checks will be accepted when paying your balance at our farm.


Horses Available For All Experience Levels

Dead Broke Farm’s mission is to provide horses and trails for people who love horses and riding but can’t have horses of their own. We offer a safe environment where you can come to ride without having to register for a series of lessons requiring a significant investment in time and money. Our passion and love of horses in conjunction with our desire to share that experience with others has resulted in our use of many horses that we rescued from terrible conditions of neglect, abuse, and even death. We’d like to share some of those rescue horse stories with you. But if you've been dreaming of owning your own horse, we have some nice trail horses for sale right here in Raleigh, NC.


Horseback Riding To Satisfy Every Need

Girl Trail Riding Horse



Guided Trail Rides


Private Rides


Summer Camp


Pony Rides


Corporate Outings


Volunteer Program 



Come Experience Our Horse Farm

Guide Taking Camp Children Horseback RidingLocated on 110 rolling, wooded acres in the Raleigh / Durham / RTP area, Dead Broke Farm offers you the opportunity to experience North Carolina's beauty in the most natural way - by horseback!

At our farm, you'll ride along winding trails through a shady forest with rolling hills. You can hear the rhythm of your horse, a lazy creek, and an abundance of wildlife. It's almost as if - for a while - you've stepped back in time to rediscover the natural beauty that surrounds you. But for those of you seeking a more adventurous ride, we can pick up the pace on sections of the trail where it's safe to do so. (Advanced riders may want to consider a private ride to ensure that we can cater to your level of experience rather the level of the least experienced rider in the group.) And...

If you enjoy your ride, tip your guide!

Safety Considerations

Safety is an important consideration in all our riding programs. We provide experienced guides, riding instructions, and riding helmets at no additional charge. Ages 6 and up can ride on their own. Younger children can either ride double with an experienced guide or participate in a pony ride, i.e. a handled ride on horseback.

Belgian Draft Horse 

Weight Restrictions

We want to make horseback riding available and accessible to everyone, so we have at least 5 draft horses (similar to the Budweiser Clydsdales who pull the beer wagon) to accommodate larger riders. We can take riders weighing up to 450 lbs because our draft horses are very large boned and weigh around 2,000 lbs themselves. However, they are gentle giants and very well mannered. You can see one of our guides and Big John in the picture to the right. Believe it or not, the girl is 17 years old and not nearly as small as Big John makes her appear! We have mounting blocks, and we will assist you in mounting and dismounting as we do all our riders.

Our draft horses eat more than twice the amount of a regular size horse, and the shoeing expense is more than double, as the shoes are more expensive and a forge must be used to heat the shoes so that they can be shaped to fit the horse's hoof. Due to the added expense of maintaining the draft horses, we charge an additional $10/person for anyone who needs to ride one, i.e. anyone weighing over 200 lbs. Please be honest when making your reservations, as we will have scales accessible to verify the riders' weights at check-in to ensure that we don't compromise the health of our horses or your safety. While we recognize that a person's weight may be a sensitive subject, we have an overwhelming commitment to preserve the backbones of our buisness - literally and figuratively. 


Age Restrictions

Children ages 6 and up can ride on their own. Younger children (ages 4 and 5) must ride double with an experienced guide. If your 6 year-old isn't comfortable riding on their own, they too can choose to ride with one of our guides, but we need to know they want a dedicated guide when the reservation is made. There is a $10/child fee in addition to the cost of the horse rental for children who need their own guide. They will ride in front of the guide in a big, oversized saddle in front of the guide, so they can see and participate. It's safer having them in the front anyway since they sometimes fall asleep! We also offer pony rides for young children.

Refund Policy

Carla on DestinyWhen you reserve horses to ride, those horses can't be used for anyone else during that time, so we have a no refund policy. Therefore, if you or your child get on the horse and then get scared and don't want to ride, you may elect not to ride, but you aren't entitled to a refund. We have already done the work to bring the horses up from their pastures, groomed them, saddled them, given you riding instruction, and helped you safely on the horse. All that's left to do is ride. That's the easy part.

Deposits are nonrefundable, so please be certain that you wish you ride when you make a reservation. If you need to reschedule for any reason (weather, illness, or even convenience), we're happy to reschedule your ride for you and apply your deposit to the new reservation provided at least 2 hours' notice is given.

Gift Certificates Available