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White Horse For Indian Weddings

It has come to our attention that there is a need in NC for an elaborately decorated white horse for use in Indian weddings on which the bridegroom may ride to the temple as part of the baraat procession. We have a beautiful white Percheron horse named Amber who has been used in baraats on more than a dozen occassions this year (in 2014). She is calm and gentle and accoustomed to the loud and colorful festivities of the baraat.

Indian Wedding Horse Costume


In order to better serve the South Asian Indian community in North Carolina and Virginia, we have invested in a traditional Ghodi (horse) costume and clothing for the handler to better compliment the wedding photos taken during the baraat procession. We have ordered Amber's costume from a manufacturer in India, and we will have it by August 1, 2014. We are accepting bookings for wedding ceremonies now in anticipation of the receipt of the Ghodi costume and the handler's clothing. Your baraat horse, Amber, is pictured below. Images of Amber and her handlers adorned in customary Indian wedding garments to be posted as soon as they have been received.


Horse Handler's Garment for Indian WeddingWhite Horse for Indian Wedding in NC


Cost = $600 

(within 15 mi radius from DBF)

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