Dead Broke Farm

Private Trail RidesPrivate Rides For Experienced Riders

If you're an experienced rider, and you'd like for us to be able to ride at your level rather than the level of the least experienced rider in the group, then a private ride is recommended. You will then have an opportunity to ride more challenging trails and to trot or canter if you'd like.


Private Rides For Couples

A private ride will allow us to take you to a nice pond where you can stop for a picnic, propose to your fiancé, or celebrate your anniversary. It's located in a private wooded area complete with a picnic table. The guide will secure the horses and give you 30 minutes or so to be alone. We recommend a 2-hour ride to allow you time to reach the pond, take some time to enjoy the moment, and get back on time. The pond is a 30-minute ride from the farm, so it isn't an option for the 1-hour ride since there would be no time to stop, dismount, and appreciate the opportunity.


Private Rides For Groups

You don't have to be experienced riders or a couple wanting a romantic ride to do a private ride. If you'd like to have a private ride for your family or group of friends, the private ride is available to everyone. Making your ride a private ride ensures that you can ride close enough together to carry on a conversation with the people you came to ride with. In other words, you don't have to be concerned that you may end up at the front of the line of up to 18 horses (15 customers and 3 guides) and your wife or child at the back of the line.


Cost Of A Private Ride - $50 extra

A private ride requires that we provide you with your own, personal guide, so there is an additional cost associated with doing a private ride. Essentially, you pay the added cost for us to staff an extra guide for the day, so the cost of the private ride is the same regardless of whether you choose to do a 1-hour, a 2-hour, or longer ride and irrespective of the number of riders. The $50 fee for the private ride will be added to our regular trail riding rates.


Availability of Private Rides

Private rides are available seven days a week. You can schedule a private ride based on our posted trail ride hours, but you don't have to since you're doing a private ride, and you'll have your own guide. You have more flexibility in scheduling, but you will need to schedule your ride to begin at the top of the hour - not on the half hour - so that our guides will be available for other rides throughout the day.


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