Dead Broke Farm

I don't know where to start, there are so many awesome things to say about DBF and all the people who work and live there. My daughters Amber and Emily ages 9 and 7 love it, love it, love it. We just finished a full week of camp there. This is their 3rd time coming back to DBF. The first time was a week of camp last Oct. 2011 and they also went for a day in November. And they are heading back for their last week of track out next week. It doesn't matter how wet, cold or hot it is there, it's a farm and there is so much for them to learn and do. They want to keep coming back. They have the freedom to explore and help out on the farm and they learn the responsibilities of having animals and the dedication it takes to be successful. They love the trail rides twice a day and they have fun learning about the horse care and how to tack up and untack a horse. There are always lots of fun stories they share with me when I pick them up and they can't wait to get back there in the morning. My girls even instructed me to come later or the latest that I'm allowed to pick them up, which pick up time is between 5-6 so they can stay and help out on the farm. They love feeding the horses and helping with the chickens, guinea hens and of course the bunnies. Each day that I have come to get the girls they have tried to convince me why I should buy a bunny, miniature pony, horse or even the cute puppies. They are still working on the puppy deal. I have been around horses all my life and there is nothing that makes you happier than being out with the horses. They are big, loveable creatures who enjoy everyone's company and in return help to build confidence and patience in everyone. The girls love Carla (the owner) she is up front and to the point with a no non-sense attitude with a caring heart. She truly believes in the best interest of the animals and the children who attend the camp. She is usually keeping order between making sure everyone is doing their jobs and responsibilities. If time permits and she has a moment she will talk with you and answer your questions. The girls love Ms. Rosie she allows them to help with the barn chores and the girls are willing and able to comply with the task given. My 2 year old wanted to give a carrot to the bunny and Emily said "let me check with Ms. Rosie to make sure it's okay". The children know what's expected of them and they get to be kids. These days there are too many kids glued to the T.V. or video games and not enough outside activities going on. This camp will get them out there and loving it. Parents, be warned your child or children will come home dirty, smelling like a horse and more, and they will have plenty excitement in their voice while they are telling you all about their awesome adventure whether it's for 1 day or a week. They are tired and falling into bed when we get home and happy to wake up and do it all over again the morning. I was told by Emily that I couldn't go on the afternoon trail ride on their last day because they didn't want to leave early. As much as I wanted to go, it still makes me feel good to know that they want to keep going back and they feel safe and happy. Where else are you going to get the experience of what it feels like to live on a farm unless you experience it first hand at DBF? Until our next adventure! Thanks for the memories and life lessons learned. The Hibbard Family 

Michelle Hibbard
Knightdale, NC

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