Dead Broke Farm

Horsemanship Merit Badge

deadbrokefarmpatch 240x180Scouts can earn their Horse Rider Merit Badges at our farm in two to three hours. Troops must consist of at least 6 scouts in order to qualify for the special, discounted pricing offered for the Merit Badges. If you have fewer than 6 children wanting to earn their badge, we will still give them the opportunity to earn their badge, but it will be at our regular lesson prices. The same topics are covered, and they will still receive the embroidered patch, but the cost will be slightly higher since you won't have a group to qualify for the group discount.


What's Included?

They will get an hour of ground work, riding instruction, and one or more hours of trail riding.

Boy Puts Horse's Bridle OnThey'll learn how to do the following:

  • Groom the horse
  • Bridle and saddle the horse
  • Mount and dismount safely
  • Control the horse
  • Maintain their balance while riding
  • Exercise safe trail etiquette
  • Recognize horse mannerisms and behavior


Cost Of Earning The Badge

  • 2-Hour Badge (inlcudes 1 hour of horseback riding) = $60/person
  • 3-Hour Badge (includes 2 hours of horseback riding) = $90/person
Gratuity of 15% will be added to groups of 10 or more.


Schedule Of Ride Times


Time Period 2-Hour 3-Hour 2-Hour & 3-Hour
Jan - Feb 10am 11am Winter - Closed Mon-Fri
Mar - Oct 10am 11am 10am
Nov - Dec 10am 11am Winter - Closed Mon-Fri


Horseback Riding Liability Release Forms

Each child's parents must sign a liability release form in order for them to ride. 


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