Dead Broke Farm

Camp Prices for 2016

Spotted Draft HorseUnfortunately, horses are expensive to own, so it's an expensive hobby whether you rent them, lease them, or own them. If you compare horseback riding camp prices to your church daycare or traditional daycare, it's expensive. However, since our horse camp offers horseback riding, you need to compare it to the cost of riding a horse. Our horse camp it's a great deal when you calculate how much it would cost for your child to get five 3-hour lessons (which includes riding instruction plus 2 hours of riding). 

  • Full Day Camp - $350/week ($500 worth of riding)
  • Half Day Camp - $250/week ($350 worth of riding)
  • Daily Rate - $85 (full day), $65 (half day)
Given that they get more riding at camp for les than our regular lesson prices, we essentially keep them all day for free! Our goal is to make horseback riding camp attainable for more children by offering affordable rates and several discounts that you may be able to take advantage of. In addition to our early registration discount and sibling/friend discount, we reward repeat campers by extending an additional discount to them.


Summer and Track-out Camp For Children

Ages 5 and Up

Girl at Summer CampSpending a day at Dead Broke Farm's horseback riding camp is the closest you can get to spending a day at your grand parents' farm. But for those kids whose grandparents don't live on a farm, they can come experience life on a working horse farm right here at Dead Broke Farm.

The days are relaxed with a flexible schedule. The children are free to decide whatever activity they'd like to participate in when they aren't partaking in one of the supervised activities such as horseback riding or a wagon ride. The playground, clubhouse, and farm animals are accessible to them at all times. The one exception is the chicken coop and bunny cages. Children will be assisted by our staff to prevent the animals from getting out of their enclosures. Unfortunately, the local foxes are a little too fond of our chickens and rabbits.

Enrollment is limited to 40 children per week, so early registration is recommended. The riding instructor to child ratio on the trail is 1 to 5 or less. Our camp may not be suitable for parents who desire constant supervision for their children in a highly structured environment. This is a farm - an outdoor camp where they are permitted to choose what they want to participate in and where they'd like to be until time for their horse ride or wagon ride. They can be in any of the safe zones: playground, air conditioned clubhouse, or down in the barn area with the guides, horses, dogs, and other animals. If you need help in deciding if this camp would be suitable for your child, you can come out to visit our farm. We're open from 8am to 6pm for farm visits. No appointment is necessary for an informal visit.


Camp Activities At Our Horse Farm

1.  Western Horseback Riding Lessons (Helmets Provided)
  • Tacking up: blanket, saddle, and bridle
  • Riding Lesson: mounting, balance, coordination, and control of the horse
  • Horse care: grooming, feeding, and general maintenance
  • Fundamentals: safety precautions, language of Equus, and trail riding etiquette
2.  Guided trail rides (two 1-hour rides each day)
3.  Wagon Rides
4.  Deluxe Jungle Gym Set
5.  Foosball and Video Games
6.  Other farm animals to enjoy

summer and camper girl cCamper Girl Holding Dog at Horse Farm

Animals At Dead Broke Farm

Dogs and Cats in Horse Feed Panroosteroreoc







Miniature Horse



What Happens If It Rains?

We make every effort to ensure that each child rides every day, but if the weather is prohibitive, the children can:

guinea c1.  Play with some of the farm animals in the club house

2.  Assist the guides in doing barn chores

3.  Learn to clean and oil tack

4.  Watch movies (many horse movies to choose from)

5.  Play foosball and video games


Items To Send With Your Child To Camp

  • Plenty of bottled water (at least 4 bottles) with your child's name on them
  • Change of clothing (wear long pants for riding, bring shorts for the afternoon)
  • Tennis shoes or boots (no flip flops or crocks for riding)
  • Lunch packed in a self-contained cooler to keep it cool and prevent the farm animals from eating your child's lunch
  • Two snacks
  • Bugspray and sunscreen are optional
  • Treats to give the horses are optional: apples, pears, carrots, or commercial horse treats, but no sugar cubes
  • If your child has their own equestrian helmet, they can bring it. If not, we provide them at no additional cost. However, if you prefer that you child not wear a helmet that has been worn by others, you can purchase them at the Bull Chute Western Wear store in Raleigh.

Because our horseback riding camp can fill up quickly, we recommend that you register early. This is especially true for 5 year olds since they have to have their own dedicated guide, and those resources are limited.  Our insurance policy requires that children be 6 years old or older to ride on their own.


2016 Camp Sessions: March 28 - Oct 28

Jungle Gym
Spring Break
Summer Camp
Trackout Camp


Other Camp:

Any weeks (or days) when the weather is conducive to riding.



Camper Boy Holding LolaCost of Camp

Full-Day Camp ($350/week)

Dropoff: 7:30am - 9am

Pickup: 5pm - 6pm

Half-Day Camp ($250/week)

Dropoff: 7:30am - 9am

Pickup: 12:30pm - 1pm

Daily Sessions

Full Day: $85/day per child.

Half Day: $65/day per child.

A $100 nonrefundable deposit per week is required to reserve space for your child.


Camp Discounts Available

Little Girl Riding HorseFull-day Discounts
  • Early Registration (by April 30th) - $25 off
  • Friend/Sibling - $25 off/week for each additional child
  • Repeat Camper - $25 off/week
Half-day Discounts
  • Early Registration (by April 30th) - $10 off
  • Friend/Sibling - $10 off/week for each additional child
  • Repeat Camper - $10 off/week
Daily Session Discounts
  • Friend/Sibling - $5 off/child for each additional child (full day campers only)


Ride With Your Child At Camp

If you'd like to ride with your child while they are attending our camp, you'll get $10 off our normal rate, so you pay just $50 for the 1-hour ride. The offer is valid any day of the week while your child is attending camp, but we recommend you ride on Thursday or Friday, so you can see what your child has learned.


Camp Kids Get A Discount on DBF T-shirts

Girl Gives Horse a Kiss

Children attending the weekly sessions can get a Dead Broke Farm t-shirt for the discounted price of $5 (normally $10). Tie-dyed Dead Broke Farm t-shirts are available for just $10 (normally $15).

We also have other Dead Broke Farm logo'd merchandise available for sale such as: hoodies, lunch sacks, pens, pencils, school backpacks, computer backpack carrying cases, leather porfolios, and insulated cups.


Photos Of Your Child's Camp Experience

Cremello Quarter HorseKen Wolf Photography will be photographing the camp children on Wednesdays each week of summer camp. Ken spends a few hours with the campers, taking fun candid shots as they pass the day. In his unique way, Ken will get shots of your kids on horseback along the trail, climbing the jungle gym, playing with the dogs, and all the other fun things they get up to here at Dead Broke Farm. He usually gets a generous batch of photos of each camper, so you won't want to miss the chance to see them when he comes back on Thursday to present and make them available for purchase.  He will be at the farm during pickup time. Prints of the highest quality are available in all sizes, and you'll definitely want to check out his "day in the life" collages. CDs are also available. Anyone who misses the opportunity to see their children's photos on Friday, may see them at Ken Wolf's office.  Ken may be reached by phone at (919) 395-2273 or via email.


Register Your Child for Horse Camp

To reserve a week at camp, please print and complete the Camp Registration Form.  You can submit it in one of the following ways: 1) scan and email them to Carla, 2) fax them to 919-596-8256, 3) mail them via the US Postal Service to 1215 Kintail Dr, Raleigh, NC 27613, or 4) drop them off at the farm at 6921 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613.

NOTE: The above form are in PDF format. AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ® is required to view and print files in PDF format.


Submit Your Camp Deposit

If faxing the forms to us, be sure to use the Paypal Payments button below to submit the nonrefundable $100 deposit for each child you're registering. 

Please note that we can also accept Mastercard, Visa, or Discover over the phone for your deposit, or it can be submitted on the camp registration form, and no processing fee will be billed to you. However, if you choose to pay the balance using a credit card, we will add 4% to your balance. As a small business, we cannot absorb the costs that the credit card companies assess on the full amount. Call (919) 596-8975 if you wish to use a credit card over the phone for your deposit. 

Australian Shepherd - CowboyCamp Registration Changes

While we don't charge a registration fee to enroll your child in our horseback riding camp, a $25 fee will be assessed if you wish to change the week you selected after your child's enrollment has already been confirmed. (Naturally, that assumes the new week you are requesting is still available when you submit your change request.)


Gift Certificates Available