Dead Broke Farm

My husband and I visited Dead Broke Farm a couple of weeks ago. We had the most amazing time. We rented the camper there and rode the trails. When we got there they were so nice. They set us up in the camper showed us where the pond was so we could fish and had a fire ring so we could start a campfire that evening. Because of the weather we decided to put off riding til Sunday. After getting set up at the camper we went out and got what we needed for the night. When we came back we got to fish, roast marshmellows, and make smores. We were alone with the reassurence people were near by. It was a beautiful night camping with some aminities. The next day we went on a private 4 hour ride. It was everything i'd hoped it would be. We got to lead the horses and not just have them lead us. It was certianly not just nose to tail. We rode for two hours took a break then rode for two more. We paid for a private ride and it was worth the extra money. We got to ride two different horses each to get a different experience each time. The owners were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was great to know they cared about the experience we had there and did everything they could to make it better. I have to advise people to remember it is a "Horse Farm" not a place where you can ride that just happens to have horses. They care about their horses and how people treat them. They also care for the safety of the people riding those horses. I think that is great though. By knowing the horses and caring for them they are better able to ensure your safety. Each horse still has a personality of their own. I had the best time and my husband who has only been on a horse once before did as well. We can't wait to go back. I would be there every weekend if I could. Thanks to Ms. Carla and Mr. Donald and everyone who helped to make our romantic trip so unforgettable and absolutely wonderful. I'll be seeing y'all soon. :) 

Stephanie Shelton
Charlotte, NC

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