Dead Broke Farm

From the time we stepped foot on their property we felt we were home with family. We were greeted with open arms and hearts not just from our new family..the staff.. but from the horses as well. We volunteered to work the weekend and wanted to stay in the RV next to the pond. The RV was clean..neat..and very cozy. All of our needs were taken care of with smiles and love.. and lots of laughter. Not being experienced campers we had a few lol. The RV is nestled off to itself so there was plenty of privacy surrounded by all the beauty that nature has to offer. Robin and Rex were the first two staff members we met, they quickly became our family..our friends. I have to admit I was a lil intimidated by being around horses again, for my experience in the past wasn't always pleasant so for me this was a leap of faith. The first horse I even touched.. who touched my heart forever.. was Bandit. He was amazing. I started to brush him and by the end of the brushing I fell in love with this very special horse. I had regained my and trust for these amazing animals..something that will last a lifetime. Something I will never forget. Being around horses was a part of my life that was missing. And now thanks to my new family (the staff) and these amazing horses.. I have that part of my life back. How can you say thank you for that? Its impossible. For no amount of thanks is great enough for what I feel..and what has been given back to me. To Donny, Rosie, Kevin, our lil army girl which we have never been able to pronounce her name or spell please forgive us lol.. To miss Sue and Carla's mom, To everyone .. we give our hearts.. thanks and love for the most beautiful heart touching experience of our lifetime. We will never forget you and all you have shared and given to us. To Bo, booger, Patches, lady, trigger and all of our new horse friends we thank you for being just who you are.. the most amazing creatures on earth. To you Bandit. I send you my love and thanks for giving back to me a part of my life that was missing. The love of a horse. Hugs and kisses on your fuzzy lil nose. Love Always Debbie and Steve 

steven shields
United States

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