Dead Broke Farm

I purchased a Living Social deal for my daughter to attend camp at Dead Broke Farm. The deal was to expire before my daughter tracked out so I emailed ahead and was assured I could use the deal anyway as long as I registered before. My daughter attended the camp last week and enjoyed every minute of it! She wanted to be the first one there in the morning and the last one picked up at night. She is 9 and loved the freedom and responsibilities Ms. Rosie gave her. On Wednesday my 13 yr old daughter wanted to check out their volunteer program and they let her come for the day and try it out. She loved it as well and was disappointed when I showed up a little early thinking she might need relief from the physicality of the job. (In fact, she wants to volunteer every weekend now.) Both girls went to bed exhausted and happy. They enjoyed their many trail rides as well as tending to the horses. I introduced myself to Carla (the owner) when I picked my child up on Thursday. I didn't want to take a lot of time away from her, as she was tending an injured horse. What an amazing woman she is! Carla is a no-nonsense type of personality and her passion for her farm and horses as well as her business sense was immediately evident. She spoke to me at length and answered all of my questions and never made me feel like she was pushing me out the door. It was quite the opposite. The farm is busy, as it should be since it is a working farm. There are a lot of animals and people bustling about doing their jobs. Every one of the employees was friendly and respectful toward me and my children and took time to speak to us. One last comment I would like to make is about the DBF website. It is incredibly comprehensive and well done. Anything you need to know is there and it's all easy to find. I would definitely email them rather than call on the phone. It seems like they all dedicate time in their day to check and respond to emails since I got responses back quickly. 

Sue Chiappone

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